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About Us

Our Vision: We aspire to be our clients' most trusted and consulted advisor.

Although our world and our business environment have changed in unimaginable ways since 1918, one hallmark of our firm that has remained steadfast is the solid track record of responsive service and commitment to our highly valued clients. That year, Harry Ness established Harry Ness & Company, the enterprise that merged in the mid-90's with the Stambaugh Dorgan firm, begun in 1948 by J. Woodrow Seitz.

Stambaugh Ness has been committed to the goal of providing the highest quality of service to all clients to make their lives easier. This is accomplished through concentrated personnel recruiting and selection efforts and a comprehensive training program. Additionally, much valuable experience has been gained from serving widely diversified clients and specialized industry groups.

This enables our combined experience to effectively complement the knowledge and capabilities of clients' personnel, leading to a constant flow of fresh and innovative ideas.

Significant principal involvement and low staff turnover on engagements contribute to a wide recognition and excellent reputation for regional expertise. The firm continues to be focused exclusively upon the needs and objectives of all clients who have come to expect caring, quality service provided in a timely and affordable manner.

The firm commitment of Stambaugh Ness to remain viable and competitive in the marketplace necessitates its flexible responsiveness to constant changes.